US Standard Products
Scholarship Program

A post-secondary education is a powerful asset to have in today’s workforce. At US Standard Products, we want to help more students access this education and reach their full potential.

2 Winners

We will choose two lucky students in America to receive a scholarship prize to help them access higher education.

$500 USD

Each scholarship prize is worth $500.00 USD intended to be used for school and extracurricular activity fees.

Apply Now!

What are you waiting for? If you meet our eligibility requirements, submit your application today and you could win!


Our story

US Standard Products provides American industries with the highest quality safety products. This includes a variety of eco-friendly products that support a healthier, safer, and more productive work environment. Looking to keep your employees safe while on the job? Look no further.

Not only are we committed to creating a healthier and safer work environment for all, we are also passionate about giving back. A percentage of sales is reserved for charitable giving partners, including organizations that support U.S. troops, children, and those struggling with disabilities.

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